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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Information resources on food safety in Indonesia

5:24 AM
With the integrated food safety and quality managenemet system as mandated by Indonesian Goverment Regulation number 28, 2004, there are various institutions in the countries with resposibiliies in this aspect. Te following website contain regulation, guidelines and public education in food safety and quality provided by each institution :
  1. The National Agency of drug and food control (Badan POM):
  2. Ministry of Agriculture:
  3. Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries:
  4. Ministry of Forestry:
  5. Ministry of Industry:
  6. Ministry od Trade:
  7. National Standardization Agency (BSN / Badan Standarisasi Nasional):
In addition, information on the type of industries, agricultural activities can be accessed in the Central of Statistics (BPS / Badan Statistik Nasional) website at

This page concern to food sciences, nutrition and additives topics. The information provides thorough and up-to-date information, covering a broad range of topics in the food science and technology. Topics covered include: Food industry, food groups and composition, food chemistry, food processing and preservation, food laws and regulations, food microbiology and fermentation, food safety, food toxicology, food biotechnology, sensory evaluation, and food product development.

OTHERS INFO: A lot of information about Easy Test Kit Product can you read detail at Easy Test Kit Website and a lot of information on the use of formalin (formaldehyde) in food or beverages in Indonesia (including some other hazardous materials) can read details on THIS BLOG.

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