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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whether Food Additives Are Good for Our Heath Or Not?

7:31 AM
When it comes to store fresh food for a prolonged period, properly processed is indispensable. In the course of processing, some chemicals and substances, so-called additives, are put into food. The usage of additives is common to maintain the high quality of food and keep the food from spoiling. However, does anyone ever think whether these food additives are good for our heath or not?

As a matter of fact, the majority of products including these chemicals are considered as dangerous food and not to speak of regular consumption. What we should do is objectively deal with the issue of food additives. On the one hand, there is no denying that food additives such as preservatives that are used to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds and yeasts in the food. They seem to be necessary. On the other hand, no matter, direct additives are added for a particular purpose or indirect additives put to the food during its processing, packaging or storage, they maintain their quality and flavor. In addition, some of the additives are manufactured from the natural sources such as corn and soybean, while some are artificial, man-made additives.

To keep food for a long time, food additives and preservatives play an important role. Generally, the excess water in the foods can lead to the growth of bacteria. Because of the growth of bacteria, foods will be spoiling. Additives and preservatives not only maintain the quality and consistency of the foods, but also keep palatability and wholesomeness of the food, maintain its nutritional value, control appropriate PH or provide leavening and color. Although additives and preservatives are crucial for food storage, they can set off certain health problems. For instance, the foods containing additives can cause asthma, hay fever and certain reactions such as rashes, vomiting, headache, tight chest, hives and worsening of eczema. Besides, they can cause different allergies and conditions such as hyperactivity among some people, especially for those who are sensitive to specific chemicals.

From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that you should get rid of the foods that are containing additives and preservatives so as to minimize the risk of developing health problems. Why not try to eat the freshly prepared foods as much as possible rather than processed or canned foods at daily life? To buy organic food instead of the canned food is also a wise option.


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