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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get to know all about food additives

7:41 AM
The food additives are meant to keep and preserve the taste and color of the food materials . It also further enhance the appearance and the taste is also improved by the addition of food additives . There are some that is being used for centuries in different forms like vinegar , citric acid etc. The vitamins and all the food nutrition are put at risk if wrong quality or quantity of food additives is used.

Today people are more into healthy food and the rating for organic food is also rising fast . The price of not knowing the right food additives can cost you a long medical bill , the symptoms can range from vomiting , fever , asthma or even skin rash . The consumption of of such food additives that is not approved by the government should be strictly avoided as the quality or the quantity is not verified .

The different types of food additives that can have an ill effect on your health are like “ Benzoates ” it can trigger the allergies like skin rashes or asthma and is also believed to be causing brain cancer , “ Red Dye 40 ” can also cause certain birth defects and there is a great possibility of having cancer also , “ Caffeine ” is a coloring and flavoring food additive that has diuretic and stimulant properties it is suspected to cause nervousness, heart palpitations and occasionally even heart attacks .

This sort of health disorder can be avoided by following few very easy guide lines like when you choose canned foods read the ingredients in them check for the seal of trust by the government . The choice of organic food should be on your list maybe on the top as they are free from artificial preservatives that can harm you . The preference to have fresh food and organic rather then processed food of the canned ones will ensure you and your family to have a better health .

Lastly food grains mostly are considered safe but , some are known to be carcinogenic or toxic that cause hyperactivity in children allergies or asthma and even in some case migraines are reported that are often linked with reactions from food additives that is not properly government verified and in such times purchasing such a food additive can be very harmful to health


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